Music is my passion

I have a B.A. in Music from Northwest University where I also studied preaching and communication, traveled with their musical group "The Choralons", and led worship for a weekly college outreach, “Pursuit".  Following the release of my album “Blessed” in 2007, I have since opened up for artists such as Lincoln Brewster, Katinas, and Brandon Bee.  Fun Fact: I have sang the “National Anthem” at Safeco Field four times (three of those being Seattle Mariners games)!!!  In October of 2021, I released my sophomore album “Run”, co-written and produced by Brandon Bee.  

The local church is very dear to my heart.  I have served in the local church both as a volunteer worship leader and/or staff consistently for the last 25 yrs.  I have an immense love for leading worship, teaching worship, and encouraging others to develop their skills and pursue God through worship and music.  I also have a heart for world missions and worship evangelism.   Sharing the gospel through music around the world; I have had the opportunity to be in places such as Botswana, Swaziland, Austria, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and others.   When not leading worship, or teaching music in some form or fashion, I am at home in Waco, Tx with my husband Aaron and our 3 children Josiah, Jairus, and Jewel.  You might find me out on a run around Waco somewhere, or sitting with an oat milk latte and a good book.

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