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Hi, I'm Jamie.

I am a worship leader, teacher/speaker, and singer songwriter who has a deep passion for God, serving His people, and leading them to experience Him through worship.  I lead worship for churches, conferences, camps and events nationwide. Though originally from Vancouver, Washington, after high school I interned with Teen Mania Ministries in Garden Valley, TX  under Ron Luce, where I also led worship for thousands of teenage and college students.

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My new album run is now available on all streaming platforms and for purchase on iTunes!

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Check out my live recordings of Run and More!

I always enjoy working with Jamie! She is a talented musician and singer.


I play your music in my home and the atmosphere is always so peaceful!

Anna MaY

Your lyrics always hit me deep and minister to my spirit.

Ashley Smith

There are many people who can sing worship songs. I’m thankful for people like Jamie who know how to usher others into a place of worship where you can encounter the presence of God and the goodness of who Jesus is.

pastor Tyler Sollie – Life Center Church

Jamie has a sincere heart full of love and melodies. She listens to God going to places of rest,  restoration, and rebirth. You won’t be disappointed in bringing her to your community for their encouragement.

Derek Hoiem – SAVe the city records

Jesus is worthy of our worship!  And I’m grateful to Jamie for creating music that lifts our eyes to the King of Kings.

Mick murray – antioch waco

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Worship Leader

Leading worship is my passion!  I got my start in music because of worship leading.  So if you or your church are in need of a worship leader in any capacity, whether that be for a women's event, Sunday morning, a special event, or a mid-week service please let me know!  I am also able to step in and lead with your existing team.  I can lead solo or with a band.  I lead worship from the piano/keys.  Throughout the years, flexibility has become my middle name :)   For many years, I have jumped in as the worship leader to give the church's regular pastor/worship leader a break, or fill in the gap.


I am a singer/songwriter.  And I would love to partner with you and/or your ministry by bringing a concert to your event. My sets are flexible in length and capacity.  Meaning I can do as few or as many of my own original songs as what fits for your event.  I am also able to bring a full band, or provide more of an acoustic setting with just myself on vocals and the piano/keys.  I have played for many events, nights of worship, bible studies, church services, camps and conferences.  Large or small, few or many... I'm there!


Teaching and speaking is something I've done in many ways, shapes, and forms.  I LOVE encouraging others, raising up leaders, and spurring people on in what God has called them to be.  I have taught for worship conferences, women's events, and youth gatherings across the nation, and worldwide.  This can focus on a Bible based topic, general leadership, or it could be more in the practical/technical sense of musicianship: "vocal training" or "worship piano/keys" as I have experience as a piano and vocal teacher for almost 20 yrs.  


I am a writer... in song or word.  I love co-writing music with others, and have done so with my own two albums as well as other projects.  Another writer always provides a fresh perspective.  As well as writing music and lyrics, writing articles for publication or online resources, would also be an area I can provide in.   As in speaking and teaching, this could take many directions.  Women, worship, motherhood, health and fitness, musicianship, leadership, and ministry are all areas of which I have experience writing in.    


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